Fire Alarm-to-SCADA Integration

A Roadmap to Fast, Cost-Effective Connection

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When it comes to emergencies, seconds count.

Of course, that is why fire protection and detection systems are so crucial. Fire alarm control panels are the hub of the protection and detection system. They allow you to monitor inputs and outputs, maintain system integrity, and relay vital information.

But how do you maximize awareness and improve response time in a critical environment if the fire alarm panels and detector devices are operating independently of the rest of the system?

The answer is connectivity.

A fire alarm to SCADA cloud based fire safety system can help improve visibility within the field, increase efficiencies by monitoring performance, automate real-time information with the support of a variety of protocols, minimize risk and reduce loss resulting from false alarms and limited information, receive faster, more relevant data for analysis, tracking, and logging, connecting all your fire alarm to SCADA network or building management system adds visibility and insight into the status of your fire detection system.


Sensors, actuators, and third-party devices need a means by which they can interface with the SCADA, whether that is via BACnet/IP, Modbus, or another protocol. Integrated fire safety systems are the answer.


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